VMware vCloud Suite Enterprise (Version 6)

VMware vCloud Suite Enterprise (Version 6)

VMware vCloud Suite is an integrated offering that brings together VMware vSphere, VMware Site Recovery Manager and VMware vRealize cloud management platform capabilities (automation, operations and business) to deliver a vSphere-based private cloud.

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    Developer Agility

    Provide infrastructure and application resources to developers within minutes. Provision these resources with control into a secure internal private cloud based on vSphere.

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    Infrastructure Modernization

    Rapidly provision infrastructure and application resources across development, test, QA and production. Effectively manage these resources from initial provisioning through retirement in order to maximize both capital and operational spending. Understand the cost of infrastructure and the consumption of resources by end users.

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    Intelligent Operations

    Deliver proactive management of performance, availability and capacity across all data center domains including applications, compute, network and storage. Build the foundation for successful developer agility and infrastructure modernization initiatives.

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    Data Center Virtualization

    Leverage the world’s leading virtualization platform as the foundation for multiple data center initiatives. Consolidate servers and data centers. Improve application availability and performance. Address application requirements for scale up or scale out.

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    Disaster Recovery

    Protect on premises applications and simplify disaster recovery with one-click automated orchestration and non-disruptive testing of centralized recovery plans.

Management and Automation

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    vRealize Operations

    Intelligent performance, capacity and configuration management for vSphere environments.

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    vRealize Business

    Automated costing, usage metering and service pricing of virtualized infrastructure for vSphere environments.

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    vRealize Automation

    Self-service and policy-based infrastructure and application provisioning for vSphere environments.

Compute Virtualization

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    Industry-leading server virtualization platform.

Storage and Availability

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    Site Recovery Manager

    Policy-based disaster recovery and testing for all virtualized applications.

Standard Advanced Enterprise
Cloud Management and Automation
Automated Delivery for vSphere Environments
Application and data services – Application provisioning, changes and data
Governance – Approvals, reclamation, cost profile and transparency
Extensibility – Infrastructure integrations, workflows and customizations
Infrastructure provisioning and management
Intelligent Operations for vSphere Environments
Application Monitoring – OS, middleware, databases
OS-level change, configuration and regulatory compliance (PCI, HIPAA, SOX..)
Extensibility – Adapters for third-party OS and application monitoring tools
Extensibility – Adapters for third-party infrastructure monitoring tools
vSphere hardening, change and configuration management
Application discovery and dependency mapping
Operations dashboard – Health monitoring and performance analytics
Capacity management – Resource monitoring, planning and optimization
Business Insight for vSphere Environments
Automated infrastructure costing and metering
Integrated pricing with self-service provisioning
Cloud Infrastructure
Disaster Recovery Automation
Automated disaster recovery planning, testing and execution
Compute Virtualization
Virtualized infrastructure with policy-based automation – See more at:


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