Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3

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Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3


Not only can it edit video, photos, and audio, Creator NXT 3 from Roxio provides a one-stop solution for disc authoring, uploading to social media, and exporting for playback on a range of devices. New features for version 3 include screen capture complete with audio, three-step video editing with FastFlick, and 17 royalty-free tracks from Triple Scoop Music. Creator NXT works with standard definition, HD, and 3D content. It can import and export a wide range of file-based media, and can burn CDs and DVDs. Blu-ray Disc authoring is optional, requiring purchase of an additional license from Roxio. It can also capture footage from tape-based DV cameras on computers that have a FireWire card, and can capture from analog sources via a separately available Roxio USB capture device. Creator NXT 3 requires Windows XP or later, and most features are supported on both 32 and 64-bit platforms.

What’s New for Version 3?

Capture from Your Screen

Record directly from your screen, then edit, save, and share as a video with Live Screen Capture. It allows you to create presentations or how-to and tech support videos in just a few steps. You can record both system audio as well as commentary through the microphone

Conversion Supports Even More Devices

Convert DVD video, web video, or any other video file automatically to a preferred format for playback on devices including iPad, iPod, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Extended video profiles let you share to a range of mobile devices and tablets

Create Slideshows and Movies with FastFlick

Make a movie or slideshow in three steps with FastFlick. Select a template, add your media, and share your movie to Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, or Vimeo. You can also save your project to a variety of video formats

Add a Soundtrack

Find the right music for the mood of your movie with 17 royalty-free tracks from Triple Scoop Music

Video Editing

SD, and HD Video Editing

Edit your standard and HD videos. Add picture-in-picture effects, titles, and scrolling credits. Rotate video with one click; auto-adjust color, brightness, and contrast

Nature-Inspire Video Effects

Spice up your videos with eight video effects found in nature and beyond: including fire, fog, rainfall, snow storm, smoke, fireworks, fairy dust, and sparks

Stabilize and Rotate Video

Fix shaky video shot with hand-held cameras or smartphones. Rotate video with one click

Capture Streaming Web Videos

Save video from YouTube and other popular sites on your computer, and convert them to play on your TV, iPhone, iPad, and other portable device

Create Green-Screen Effects

Create green screen visual effects by keying out a green background and replacing it with something else. Transport yourself to the moon, Mt. Everest, or make a presentation along with all the relevant facts and figures

DVD and 3D DVD Disc Authoring

Personalize your finished movies with custom standard and high-resolution menu styles, animated themes and music for any occasion – even in 3D

Note: To author Blu-ray Discs, an additional license must be purchased from Roxio

Audio and Music Editing

Create Custom Mixes

Generate playlists tailored for any occasion. During playback, use Creator’s beat matching feature to automatically synchronize the rhythm from song to song – like having a virtual DJ

Digitize Old LPs and Audio Tapes

Digitize your classic analog LPs and cassette tapes – even clean up pops and hissing. Then automatically convert into a preferred file format for sending to your iPod, mobile phone, or use in custom CD mixes

Extract Audio from a Video File

Extract audio from a video file, like one you shot with a camcorder, or downloaded from YouTube. Then, edit the file and save it into a format that you can play on your iPhone, or other portable player

Capture Web Audio

Roxio Easy Audio Capture allows you to record Internet audio, whatever the source – if you can hear it, you can capture it. Files can be exported to a range of formats, including MP3, WMA, WAV

Sound Editor

Trim unwanted parts, combine multiple tracks together, normalize the volume across the mix, and add fun effects. Create advanced playlist projects with crossfades, transitions and audio mashups

Enhance Videos with Background Music Tracks

Three volumes of Scorefitter music libraries offer a wide variety of original, royalty-free songs, and effects to enhance the mood of your movies. Scorefitter places the music on the audio timeline and automatically adjusts the track to match the length of your movie

Mystery Track Identification

Personalize your finished movies with custom standard and high-resolution menu styles, animated themes and music for any occasion – even in 3D

Create Custom Ringtones

Use audio you already have on your computer to create ringtones

Photo Editing and Sharing

Quick Corrections

Edit multiple images at the same time, make adjustments, and apply quick fixes: remove red eye, erase wrinkles and blemishes, correct color and brightness

Create Sweeping Panoramas

Turn routine snapshots into sweeping vistas by stitching together two or more pictures side-by-side – ideal for depicting landscapes, crowd scenes, and architectural photos

Restore Old Photos

Remove scratches and dust from a photo, adjust exposure, crop ragged edges, straighten a photo, and adjust color

General Photo Collages

Create collages for use in a scrapbook, as wallpaper on your computer, or for printing or emailing to friends and family

Data Backup and Copying

DVD Burning Utilities

Roxio delivers a collection of tools for archiving and sharing your irreplaceable media files on CDs or DVDs. Span large projects across multiple discs. Archive up to 50 GB on high capacity Blu-ray Discs (Blu-ray burning requires additional license, available separately from Roxio)

Backup to Disc

Back up your files to CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc or network drive. Schedule unattended backups or do it manually (Blu-ray burning requires additional license, available separately from Roxio)

Create Custom DVD Compilations

Copy an entire 9 GB DVD movie onto a standard 4.7 GB DVD. Create custom DVD compilations with up to 4 hours of DVD video on a single disc, while maximizing disc space and video quality

Convert Video Files

Convert DVD video, web video, or a video file automatically to a preferred format for playback on an iPad, Kindle Fire, game console, Android smartphone, or other device

Drag. Drop. Burn. Copy

Burn, archive, and copy data, audio, photo or video CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs – directly from the desktop (Blu-ray burning requires additional license, available separately from Roxio)

Burn a DVD from an ISO Image file

To make multiple DVD copies, or to archive your DVD productions, consider outputting an ISO image file to your hard drive. Later on, you can burn additional copies of the DVD from that ISO image file rather than having to re-rip the disc every time